Brandon is a young and intellectual serial entrepreneur that started his risk-filled adventure at the age of 15. He has gained skills that span through Radio Broadcast and Sales, Management and Marketing, and even Web Design and Photography. While in radio Brandon catered to clients while working in sales, Co-Hosted a Tuesday morning show called “Pet Peeves” and eventually directed his talents and drive into being Assistant Sales Manager for two stations.
Dipping a hand in every pot to gain the most from all of lives experiences, Brandon found benefit in partnering with a local haunted attraction that donates to charity. Lending his Marketing and Management skills, Brandon organized and operated a team of 30+ volunteers and team members in addition to developing and facilitating a mid-budget marketing fund campaign to attract local consumers to the attraction.
Hard work and dedication come natural to Brandon, when he isn’t helping to coach other businesses or working with them, he pursues his own ambitious ventures in Theatre, Photography and Web Design. Managing teams, associating with parents and customers, and being the face with the name is just some of the exciting things that Brandon finds within a typical run with his business ventures.
In addition to working in the field, Brandon also exercises his real-world experience into understandable and simple lessons that he teaches to young aspiring entrepreneurs through summer camps at the University of Central Missouri and University of Missouri – Columbia. Brandon brings to life elements of the real business world that are applicable lessons to aspiring business owners who are still in school.
Brandon speaks to many audiences frequently about the troubles of being a young entrepreneur in an older entrepreneur world and how he has come to face and obliterate these barriers in his way. He seeks to present to like-minded young audiences that “no matter your age, no matter your background, you don’t have to wait to seize the day and commandeer your future!”
Banks is also the author of “Be Someone Else. Be You. Be Successful.” Available on Amazon.com. You can reach out and contact Brandon via email at: brandonbanksbiz@gmail.com1920618_222407557964896_844229984_n(1)


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