1 Tip that Guarantees a Lifetime of Success


There is a hidden secret, a personal choice you get to make in life that will lead you towards success or leads you towards a personal and professional plateau. To get trapped on the plateau is to surely doom your business and your own personal growth. Within this article, I will explain 1 guaranteed tip for you to exercise that will set you on a proper course for a lifetime of success. To precursor this, there is a something to be said about how you listen.


There are two types of listening: successful and unsuccessful. The ladder of the two, unsuccessful listening, is a nail in the coffin in and of itself. This happens when someone begins to tell you a story, a bit of information, or even critique you and you shutdown. When there are words to be said to you and you listen but do not hear and process. This is unsuccessful listening. Successful listening is when, no matter the content you contently absorb every bit spoken to you. Despite the poison within the words, you admire the feedback. I’ll detail this with a short story:


“You don’t always have to be the first person in the room to talk.” These words were knives that pierced my skin by a mentor. Thick skin, no matter how thick, has a weak spot and can be pierced, this I found out that day. The person who spoke these words to me meant no harm by them, he said these to me in confidence that I would adjust my habits to better represent myself as I become more and more present in the eyes of public. In every class I have taken, each event I’ve been to, at all the networking sessions I’ve been to I have always been the outspoken go-getter. This has its perks and benefits. It has it’s drawbacks. I never noticed. The words, “You don’t always have to be the first person in the room to speak.” was the first time that I recognized the drawbacks. I finally noticed this was not always a strength but that all strengths even have their own weaknesses. I reasoned with what he said for hours before talking with him again. I could have kept silent. The silent treatment can be a venom too. I could have spit back with sharp words or rolled my eyes. Rather, I apologized and promised to reflect on the words he said that day in his office. In addition, I explained that I meant no negative impact for the group or company. He assured me no negativity was imposed. From there, I did as I said. I reflected on his words to understand how I might improve. Furthermore, each time I am in a room, I look to others to speak before I chime in. I might always have a thought, a bit of advice, or words bashing my teeth to get out. I hold, steadfast. When appropriate, I speak.


This story is important personally. It was the first time I felt beaten down by a role model and mentor. Moreover, I felt weak and hurt in general. However, the key here to learn is the key tip for the lifetime of success. All business owners, teachers, students, and mentors all have their faults but if they are willing and able to listen to others and hear their words, reflect and process what was said, then apply it to better themselves or their business, then they are truly able to succeed. In other words, the one phrase I want you to be familiar and accepting of is this; Be Coachable. If you are coachable, you absorb all bits of information, consider the true meaning and character of what was said, then find the applicability in your life to make yourself better than you were the day before. If you show “coachablility”, mentors will flock to you, strengthening your skills, knowledge, and practices. If you show you are coachable then every bit of feedback you receive will have more meaning.


Being coachable is the one tip I can give anyone to set themselves up for a life of absolute success. It begins with listening and hearing what is being said, digesting these words, then applying the knowledge given to you. Be coachable and you will build a network of contacts who see words are not wasted on you, that you graciously accept critique for personal development, and contacts who will be willing to introduce you to their contacts unafraid of you soiling their reputation. Be coachable, all else will come in time.


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