Going Above and Beyond: The New Bottom Line

Go Above and Beyond to Be the Best!

Go Above and Beyond to Be the Best!

In a largely competitive market, sub-par and par are no longer acceptable. Those who shoot to be the new hire, the new crowned victor of a competition, or even a valuable member of an office team won’t see that position without going above and beyond. The new winner goes only to those, the best of the best who now how to supersede expectations and general requirements. For those interested, being the King of the Hill can be achieved by 7 simple steps.

  • Learn and Analyze the Requirements:


Everything in life has a traditional rubric. What are you being judged on? How will you stack against the others you are going against? Finding out the requirements can be done in a number of ways, searching the website or posting, asking the person of contact, or using a common sense approach if all else fails. Once you know what is being sought after, break down each part of these requirements and understand how you need to act or what you need to do to fulfill these parameters.

  • Fulfill the Stated Requirements:


If the requirement is to jump. Jump. Do exactly as the requirement would have it. This is the part where you do everything that puts you in the running with all other competitors and entrants for the same position you are running for. Don’t leave out any details. When you have done all that is said, look over everything and make sure your submission and effort is air tight.

  • Consider at Least 3 More Ways to Exceed and Impress.


Here is where you start to shine above the others. If the requirement is to jump, you consider “how high”. The power here is the effort you show. The amount above and beyond you go, the higher people will put you on their list. These are your possible “brownie point” areas. They aren’t on the rubric of critique but they are trigger features. These triggers are important by the fact that the hiring official, judge, or supervisor will take note and cast more favorable judgment on you.


  • Make Good on All 3 of These:


Continuing with the same example, if the requirement is to jump, you contemplate how high to jump, then you jump as high as you possibly can jump leaving the bar as high as possible for the others. The initiative you show to meet the basic requirement and bound over them three fold is bold. This boldness stands strong in the minds of others. It would be advantageous to consider more than three options and make good on more than three. The more you do, the better you do, the higher up you’ll land.


  • Do More on the Fly:


Prepare all you can, submit your best foot forward, and launch yourself forward. Once you are in the going: interviewing, presenting, networking, and so on, be sure you are on your toes. If you are on your toes, you should be ready at a moment’s notice to do more in person to show your worth. For example, if you are at an event and you are the speaker, you are no more mighty than those listening to you. That being said, if you see someone struggling to set-up the event, volunteer to help. If you are a worker, volunteer to help others in different areas after your duties are fulfilled. The purpose here is to show that you consider all aspects, even those you are not directly involved with, everything has purpose and you want to be part of everyone’s success.


  • Be Overly Prepared:


Going to an interview and you know that they will have a copy of your resume? Bring a copy in a sleek cover folder, the text printed on quality parchment. Dress above the positon you are interviewing for. Arrive 30 minutes early but disturb no one until 5 – 10 minutes before your selected time. Take this time to relax, reflect, and prepare. Bring multiple copies, more than you should need. Consider every aspect and be at the forefront of success.


  • Repeat this Process:


This process can be facilitated for numerous occasions and events under many circumstances. Interviews, competitions, presentations, and day-to-day office presence amongst other scenarios are applicable times to employ this 7 step process. With this process, hoping no one uses it against you, you can constantly be the top-dog. The more time you dedicate to these, the more successful you will be and the more likely you will be to stake claim as the overall victor.


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