I.C. a New Business on the Horizon: Ignacio Cabero is Turning Entrepreneurial Pages

Ignacio Cabero (14) MADE Competition Competitor and UCM Business Camp graduate.

Ignacio Cabero (14) MADE Competition Competitor and UCM Business Camp graduate.

The video game and fan fiction industry is a large and entertaining industry to put it mildly and one young 14 year old aspiring entrepreneur has his eyes set to it. Ignacio Cabero of Lee’s Summit, Missouri knew he had a passion for comic books, board games, and other miscellaneous fan fiction goods and sought to make it lucrative. During the “Entrepreneurship or Bust Business Camp” at the University of Central Missouri, Cabero learned from industry professionals, local entrepreneurs, and business counselors how to turn any idea into a business.

Entrepreneurs have many reasons behind their start-ups, aside from Cabero’s love for comic books, he says, “I wanted to be able to make money without having to rely on a boss.” In addition, he believes that if he can stay in business over a year, that to him, is the definition of “success”. With the dream of a mobile comic book truck tugging at his thoughts, Cabero seeks to continue with his idea by competing in the MADE Competition on August 12, 2014 during the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia.

“If you have an idea, go for it…” says Cabero. Clearly a follower of his own advice, he has continued to work with other business owners and business counselors through the SBTDC on bringing his idea from just a thought, to deals on wheels. The mobile comic book truck has a rather ingenious name, “I.C. Comics” coined during the business camp, Cabero instantly attached to the name. With a little luck and support, I.C. Comics will roll your way in the future.


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