Babysitting a scary gamble? Not anymore with KID Connections: Lauren Snare undertakes a Revolutionary Idea

Lauren Snare (14) - MADE Competition Competitor and UCM Business Camp graduate.

Lauren Snare (14) – MADE Competition Competitor and UCM Business Camp graduate.

I’m sure all parents can attest: leaving your kid for a night with a babysitter can be a joyous break but also a traumatizing nightmare.  What if you could leave your child with an educated, trained, responsible, and highly rated by other parents, babysitter? Lauren Snare of Warrensburg, Missouri has that solution currently in motion. At the age of 14, Snare can empathize that babysitters are a scary gamble for parents. As a child, your life could be in the hands of an untrained stranger, is that really the best choice, mom and dad? Take it from Snare, “Unfortunate circumstances are always a very real and present possibility in any child care setting.  Consequently, Kid Connections was conceived as a training module for kindhearted, intelligent, and dependable teenagers to attain formal training in CPR, first-aid and babysitting.  Upon completion, the sitters can connect with families through an online website.”

With this brilliant idea, Snare has already proven it to be a winning concept. Snare was awarded the “Best Shark Tank Pitch” at the business camp hosted by the Small Business Technology and Development Center each summer. The “Entrepreneurship or Bust Business Camp” takes place on the University of Central Missouri campus and this year was the base of 20 young start-up ideas, one being Snare’s business: KID Connections. “My interest with entrepreneurship started when I signed up for the UCM Business Camp.” Snare goes on to say, “After winning the Shark Tank portion of the camp competition, which came as a surprise, I have been working with what I learned at camp and my own research to turn my business into a reality.”

“The most important part that I have learned about entrepreneurship is that you must double check all the details and think everything through multiple times because there might be a little, but necessary, part that could have easily been forgotten.” Details all perfect, Snare is gunning for 1st prize at the MADE Entrepreneurship Competition, a Missouri Valley Community Action Agency program held at the Missouri State Fair each year. This year you can stop by Lowell Mohler Assembly Hall and catch Snare to learn more about getting a night of relaxation without the babysitter stress with her business, KID Connections.


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