Entrepreneurs with a Sweet Tooth: Kayla Huff and her Partner baking up some Business


Sarah Whanger and Kayla Huff (both 16), MADE Competition Competitors. Huff is a MU Business Camp graduate.

Sarah Whanger and Kayla Huff (both 15), MADE Competition Competitors. Huff is a MU Business Camp graduate.

“My name is Kayla Huff. I am a fifteen year old entrepreneur who lives in the small town of Montgomery City, Missouri”. When Kayla was one of my students at the 2014 Build-A-Business Camp hosted in Columbia, Missouri, I finally caught scent of her sweet desire to go above and beyond others and do something greater. Kayla teamed up with another student from her school, Sarah Whanger to create a strong name and a catchy slogan: County Cupcakes “Tastefully Sweet. Playfully Unique. Cupcakes for a Cause.”

As the 1st runner-up in the senior youth category winner of the Build-A-Business Camp Pitch Competition, Huff says, “Our company is about giving back to the local school’s sports program and to the community.” with a good cause attached and a tasteful product, there is no way this business can’t come to fruition. Huff and Whanger are currently working on their business plan and financials in order to compete at the MADE competition at the Missouri State Fair on August 12, 2014. To make the process easier, through the support of the Small Business Technology Development Center, the students have access to a business development and start-up software called, Monocle. Thanks to her support structure of camp, business counselors, family and friends, Huff exclaims, “I’m on my way to launching the business in my own town!”

Hoping to win some start-up funding at the competition, Huff and Whanger have their eyes dead-set on preparing for the steep competition.



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