Sometime you just need to Give Back a little Good Luck: Taylor Plunkett’s dream Tees

Taylor Plunkett (16), MADE Competition Competitor and MU Business Camp

Taylor Plunkett (16), MADE Competition Competitor and MU Business Camp

Did you know, an elephant with its trunk raised is a symbol of good luck? 15 year old Taylor Plunkett from Wright City, Missouri prizes the elephant’s symbolism and spun it in an even more meaningful way. Describing her idea paired with symbolism, Plunkett states, “My business Giving Back Good Luck is a high school sport, pre design, and customized t-shirt company that gives you the chance to give back. Depending on the shirt you choose you will have the option to give back to your local high school sports funding, elephant rescue, or a charity of your choice.”

As a Build-A-Business Camp graduate, Plunkett has been dedicatedly pursuing her idea. Even during camp, Plunkett was superseding by working after camp hours to research, prepare, and progress her philanthropic business concept. Currently in preparation for the MADE Competition on August 12, 2014, she has been working day and night to make connections, use Monocle to prepare her business documents, and consult with others on developing the details of her thoughts.

Plunkett plans to attend the Small Business Technology and Development Center’s business camp in 2015 to continue learning about entrepreneurship to grow her business idea. How does she feel her business meets a need? “My business meets the needs of others by giving them an opportunity to give back in the convenient way of buying something they use daily: a shirt!  It also puts an exciting, fun, unique twist on the normally dull, thoughtless high school shirts.”

Success is subjective. “No matter how this business pans out I’ve set myself up for success.” Plunkett clarifies, “My goal is to gain knowledge and experience and with every step I take I do just that…so if you ask me I’m already successful!”


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