A Prius, A Businessman, A Problem, and A Blog to Record it All: Pesky Problems Turned Beneficial


What do you get when you take a Prius, a Blogging Businessman, a Problem, and a trip to South Padre Island for Spring Break… You get this:

The backstory of this trip goes as such: Our group of about 6 people are traveling in two cars from Missouri to Texas, a 2,200 mile round trip per car, and along the way we had to make a stop due to an issue.

The Situation: As we pulled in for a bathroom break, I swore my car was making a “whooshing” sound. Everyone went inside to use the restroom, I got out and inspected my car. No evidence of any issue. I get back in and put the car is reverse. Clearly a problem. A screech emitted sounding like Death himself screaming in your ear.

The Solution: I asked one of my more “mechanically inclined” friends to look at my vehicle while I did some research. We assumed it was a small rock or debris lodged in between the pad and the cover. As he jostled the tire I attempted to reverse again. Silence. Success. Looking at the wheel I noticed a small rock rolling off the rim of the tire. The source of the problem.

The Lessons:
1.) Think of the rock as a negative and disruptive force involved in your business process. A customer, employee, partner, etc. It is easy to be halted dead in your tracks in the face of negativity. It may be easy to ignore this and move on. You need to face the problem and develop a process to fix it. We were halted by the rock. We could have continued on with the screeching. However to ease everyone we worked to resolve the problem. After we did so, we continued on with less cares.

2.) Consider that the Prius is a representation of your business. My Prius being new with only 38,000 miles, I assume it should always be fully functional with no problems. When something like this happened, I was stunned. You need to watch and monitor your business and never take it for granted that it will always be operating fully and effectively.

Point being, you need to constantly provide maintenance to your business to ensure it is in tip top shape. When faced with problems, fix them, don’t let them persist.



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