Tycoon Tidbit: A “BOOM-ing” New Model of Entrepreneurship

Imagine a dozen of speakers nationally known, 400+ innovative business minds in one room, and hundreds more streaming around the world to experience an event that has been sweeping the nation.


That is exactly what #Boom Event is.

Emceed by Sarah Hill (SarahMidMo), Reporter at Veterans United Network introduced a lineup of acclaimed speakers during #Boom2014. This lineup consists of: Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander (JasonKander), CEO and Founder of Beyond Meat Ethan Brown (@BeyondMeat), Lauren Rundquist (@LaurenRundquist) Founder of LaQuist, The Co-Founders of Stanton Brothers Eggs, Dustin and Austin, Missouri Partnership CEO Chris Chung, the CEO & Co-Founder of Empact/Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour Sheena Lindahl (@SheenaLindahl), Michael Chatman of the Community Foundation of the Ozarks (@MichaelChatman), Co-Creator and Organizer of USASBE Launch! Doan Winkel (@Trep_Ed), Matt Murrie (@MattMurrie) the Edrepreneurship Pioneer behind What If… LLC and The What If… Conference, Vikram Arun and Nahush Khatti (@NahushK) Co-Founders of Doctor On, Bryan Simpson Owner of 5 Pound Apparel (@5poundapparel) and Missouri is Awesome, and Michael C. Morey President and CEO of Bluebird Network.

As with any event, there was a plethora of knowledge to be gained from attending an event of this caliber and hundreds willingly engaged and learned. Networking opportunities, lunch and refreshments were part of the day as well as exciting innovative ideas being freely tossed throughout the room. As an entrepreneur, your energy and momentum gauges can become depleted easily and frequently. Attending such an event gives you super-charge and gets you ready to finally conquer your next hurdle, whether that is launching, developing, or even just thinking and planning.

Dr. Sean Siebert (@DrSeanSiebert) Founder and CEO of Invent Yourself, LLC. toured the nation speaking to audiences of students, board members, schools, businesses, and more to get #Boom ready to educate, innovate, and inspire in 2014. Sean is leading a new way in changing the model of entrepreneurship and its role in each and every community starting with his community in Columbia, Missouri and the Mid-West in general. Much more is to be expected to come out of #Boom and Siebert himself, one of Columbia, Missouri’s own 20 Most Influential Business People under 40.

The next portion of #Boom is scheduled to take place in April and will host several entrepreneurs presenting their ideas for a better tomorrow through the 2014 #Boom Pitch Competition. Prizes and much more are just part of the value that this day hold for many young and/or aspiring entrepreneurs.

For more information on the Boom Event go to: Boom Event Website

Brandon Banks (@brandonbanksbiz), a serial entrepreneur began his entrepreneurial adventure at a young age and currently travels to educate students on the possibility of seizing the day and moving toward their dreams of being their own boss. Together in collaboration with his network Banks disrupts common traditional barriers and exposes that through proper support anyone can be an entrepreneur regardless of where they are at in life. Check out more of Banks’ writing here: Tycoon Talk Blog by Brandon Banks


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