Tycoon Tidbit: Steve Jurvetson: Investing in Space Video

Sometimes you come across a person, a quote, or an idea that inspires you and breathes new life into your soul as an entrepreneur. All three happened to me minutes ago.

The origin of finding anything spectacular is one in a million, with all the content published day to day. Amongst entrepreneurs, there is a duty, a hidden and secret duty that we all cunningly navigate and employ whether we know it or not. This particular duty is sharing exciting, thought-provoking, or beneficial content amongst each other. Today, moments ago, within my network of entrepreneurs, a friend unknowingly did his duty to others and shared a particular video. Alex Cruz (@AlexCruz4U), Founder and CEO of Pen Path (@PenPath) shared a video by Stanford Graduate on Youtube, with our entrepreneurial network. This particular video was titled Steve Jurvetson: Investing in Space and chronicled Jurvetson’s (@DFJSteve) work in promoting private sector space developments through Draper Fischer Jurvetson an early stage venture capital firm.

The video itself was a great story and has a certain “wow factor” about it. However, this was not what snagged me. At 4:50 during the video, right at the end, the last thing Jurvetson says is what astounded me. I have never before been as moved as I was through simple words. To quote Jurvetson in the video, he says “In every start-up you have an entrepreneur that has some dream or vision, this star that they see on the horizon. That, carries you through a lot of years of hard work and more prosaic accomplishments in many cases. But that dream is really powerful and motivating for the whole team and for the investors in companies like that. I think, we, as humans, like to imagine what could be and explore what hasn’t been explored… to go to the deepest depths, to go to the highest heights, and the folks who help enable that and take us steps in that direction are some of our greatest heroes.”

I believe there are two deep concepts spoken in that monologue. First, entrepreneurs with dreams, looking to the future are the shining stars themselves, as much as is their idea. Secondly, through the help of others, entrepreneurs accomplish their dreams, supply others with hope, and take mankind constantly forward. The beauty of Jurvetson’s words spoke deep within me. I urge anyone reading to view this video, see the marvel of the project but also, listen to his words, close your eyes and dream of your own star and find others to help you make that star no longer out of reach but rather, in the palm of your hand.

Find the video here: 


Brandon Banks (@brandonbanksbiz), a serial entrepreneur began his entrepreneurial adventure at a young age and currently travels to educate students on the possibility of seizing the day and moving toward their dreams of being their own boss. Together in collaboration with his network Banks disrupts common traditional barriers and exposes that through proper support anyone can be an entrepreneur regardless of where they are at in life. Check out more of Banks’ writing here: http://www.brandonbanksbiz.wordpress.com


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