Do’s and Don’ts of Employee Management and the Results they Produce

Employees are the muscle of any organization, they are the mule that pulls the cart, and if you don’t treat them right you may find yourself in a less than favorable situation.

It’s a typical business scenario: Boss demands employees to do X, Y, and Z. How he/she goes about demanding these things affects a multitude of aspects of and in the employee’s life. You will find, if we treat employees with the respect they deserve and make their work environment more enjoyable, rather than pressured and stressful, magical things can happen. Inversely, treat them wrong, and everyone will be a little worse off, here’s 10 Do’s and Don’ts of the workplace for making your employees the best they can be for your organization.


1.)    Allow them some space.

When you allow your employees room to breathe and don’t micromanage every little detail, you will be surprised at what they may just do or come up with that increases your profitability or productivity.

2.)    Give them praise.

There is always a reason to say “Thank You!” or something much more meaningful. They showed up for work didn’t them? That means they saved you a headache, probably they did something recently that was meaningful and unprompted, make sure you notice them and their acts and respond appropriately.

3.)    Set realistic goals and incentives.

Setting people up for success only increases the rate of success. Setting those people up for failure cultivates negativity. Allow them the right to increase their own morale and productivity through your goals set for them that are right at their level of attainability.

4.)    Spoil and pamper.

If there is room in the budget, give them a reason to deeply appreciate the job they have working with you. Small acts or large gatherings are an excellent way to reaffirm why they come and give you their 100% rather than your competition. Keep surprising them and they will give you all they can for as long as they can.

5.)    Develop a connection.

Just as customers love to buy from their friends, consider how an employee will react when they don’t want to let their friend down. If they are connected with you they will go the extra mile to never let you down.

The Results of the Do’s:

There are many perks to treating your employees with these few rules. Some of the results may be similar to my experiences. If done right, they will become “Idea Contributors” and offer you their thoughts for free. This will give you more value than you might expect, you never know what they might say. Also, they will take on more responsibility, you may not ask, they may just do because they have become more invested in your business venture or the organization. These happier employees will give better customer service, they will make your customers happier, and in all everyone will feel the effect and sales will rise. When you treat people right they tend to overlook matters of pay. An unhappy employee needs a $50,000 salary to do the same thing that a happy employee willingly does for $40,000. Lastly, happy employees will scream your name and company from the rooftops, even better, its only good things they are saying. This helps market and brand your company.


1.)    Have a tone and speak when you are mad.

No one enjoys being scolded. Even worse, trivial matters may seem extreme to you when they are fresh, step back and check yourself before you wreck yourself.

2.)    Ignore their thoughts and comments.

When an employee speaks, it’s because they are one of two 1.) comfortable or 2.) uncomfortable. Listen to them. If you ignore or dismiss or devalue what they have to say you will not only miss out on knowing what’s going wrong in your company, but you will also cause that employee to shut down and stop contributing. Ultimately, they will suffer until they leave.

3.)    Rapidly change your tactics or decisions back and forth.

One thing that makes most people uncomfortable: Inconsistency. To make matters worse, when they start adapting to your immediate change and then you change again or reset your positioning back to the previous week. This will drive your employees mad with anxiety over how they are to adapt and for what period of time they will be adapting before another change.

4.)    Be emotionally unstable.

Following your inconsistent changes and reverse changes, avoid emotionally unstable confrontations. When you are happy one moment, and the employees settle in to your current attitude, then you flip a dime and are furiously agitated for apparently no reason, this is an emotional stressor for your followers. If something is bothering you, be mindful to take time to yourself in your office, talk with a friend, or in other words relax and think it out before you impulsively act.

5.)    Assign innumerable tasks.

When you bog down employees with so many tasks in a shift or day, week, etc. they will gaze down at the unending and non-prioritized list of “Must Do’s” and slowly any excitement they had for their coming work period has now left their body and they immediately enter disaster-panic mode. Set simple task lists that easily display the order in which best completed and you will see more efficiency from them in a better manner.

The Results of the Don’ts:

When you ignore these and instead you actively do them, you cause stress and anxiety to suffocate your employees until they are lifeless drones and equally ticking time-bombs clicking down to the moment they explode and you are left empty-handed. Some of the expected results if you do, assign innumerable tasks, are emotionally unstable, have a tone in your voice, discredit their thoughts and feelings along with providing an unstable and inconsistent environment, are that your employees will encounter a lower working morale or even depression and lower productivity on the job. In addition, they may speak ill of you and your establishment, you will have them unhappy and stuck in a rut they would rather not be in, and finally, they might just leave you.

Take care of your employees. If you hired them, that means they showed potential to benefit you and by applying they sought that you would provide for them. Don’t be blindsided by the fact that just because you are the owner, CEO, Manager, etc that you are the all-powerful. Be humble, be respectful, treat them the best you can and let them be happy and wow you with the work they can do. If they start losing connection or productivity, give yourself a check before confronting them as it may not be their fault.

Brandon Banks (@brandonbanksbiz), a serial entrepreneur began his entrepreneurial adventure at a young age and currently travels to educate students on the possibility of seizing the day and moving toward their dreams of being their own boss. Together in collaboration with his network Banks disrupts common traditional barriers and exposes that through proper support anyone can be an entrepreneur regardless of where they are at in life. Check out more of Banks’ writing here:


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